China Spirit Six of the world famous distilled Wine One (the other five are brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka and gin). The birthplace of Chinese liquor in Henan, China wine ancestors in Henan, Henan wine wine wine ancestral cultural status of the whole country were universally acknowledged. In 9000 years ago, the Central Plains were to begin in the City of alcoholic drinks Jiahu. Yi Di Dukang wine making began in Henan, Song river to teach culture, Yangshao, Yan Douwen of, river culture, the Ying Chinese culture and wine making are all related to Po Fung, bow, shops on credit, Wong ditch, spring, etc. Henan name Fuping wines have a long historical and cultural origins. It can be said: Henan cultural history of wine, represents the long history of Chinese liquor culture history.

Henan liquor culture is an important part of the Central Plains culture. Central Plains Central Plains wine is accompanied by a long cultural symbiosis of the Central Plains wine is also influenced by the ever-developing Central Plains culture, history and culture in Central China for thousands of years in wine “bubble” with; Henan long history of wine is a unique, scarce resources and authority of the brand, is our ancestors left us Henan precious cultural wealth and spiritual wealth, we need to handle inheritance and carried forward.

, However, is not only a long history of wine culture and its allusions and legends, wine culture and the era of history and culture should also be a combination of culture; while culture is not the same as wine wine culture. Culture of wine should be the product culture, corporate culture and even Marketing Culture collection of consumer culture.

Present, Henan wine on two extremes of cultural values deserve attention and should be corrected.
One is called yu wine to get rid of historical and cultural constraints of the “cultural shadow theory” or “cultural baggage on.” In fact, many companies are not the Yu Yu wine wine play a more dominant culture flourish. As everyone knows, Henan liquor cultural heritage first, it is necessary to be innovative. Can not only inheritance but not innovation, not innovation forgetting about inheritance.

One is the so-called “consumers do not drink wine drinking culture” “culture, whether virtual,” or “culture is useless.” Wine is a product of culture is the carrier of culture. Wine of the times, especially in culture, we not only can not despise culture, nor can one speak wine culture, wine culture and should be elevated to a high state of culture, wine to culture, to drive brand.

Reflect on the history of Henan liquor, wine Henan status review, I think: In the province of Henan culture, tourism legislation against the background of the province, Henan is the core of the wine renaissance revival and revitalization of culture, cultural heritage and innovation, is Yu Yu wine culture to the culture of wine distillation and beyond. Henan liquor products not only in culture but also in the cultural industries and even in the cultural industry chain development aspect. In the context of diverse social values, each of Henan liquor companies should identify the core cultural values of their brand and strengthen its core point of construction of cultural superiority, by the light of history and the era of convergence and market integration resonate with consumers.

Remodeling Yu wine culture, wine Henan recycling culture is an important wine industry Henan New mission and direction of development.

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