Hard drinks are distinguished from beer, wine and other beverages because of the high alcohol content that they possess. Examples of these hard drinks can include vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, rum and brandy. These types of alcoholic beverages when drank are usually taken in small shots. You cannot easily down a mug of them as you would when you are consuming beer or wine.

Because hard drinks are meant to be consumed in small portions, their dispensing methods become rather complicated when served during huge parties at home. If you don’t have hired people to do the bar tending duties for you, the delivery of hard drink shots for your guests will be greatly affected. To help you provide quick and efficient shots for your guests, it is highly recommended that you get some liquor pourers.

Liquor pourers, by the name itself, help you in pouring your liquor drinks. These things are usually small devices that are attached to the mouths of the liquor bottles. You can use them separately and get them affixed to every bottle that you are serving during your party. Or perhaps, you may find them permanently attached to liquor dispensing units in an inline and carousel form.

The liquor pourers can either be measured or free-flowing types. It is the measured pourers that will come of great assistance for you because they are designed to pour pre-quantified drinks every time. A precise amount of 1 ounce orĀ 1 1/2 ounce of liquor can be dispensed from them. Once the liquor is ejected out, they get into a locking action so that no further liquid from the bottle drips down. This is very helpful because you can certainly avoid doing over pours every time you dispense the drink. Being a party host, you will find yourself busy talking with your guests while you are pouring their next shots. It’s very easy to become distracted and dish out more than what you are supposed to dispense. To avoid wastage of precious liquor, the use of these measured pourers comes highly beneficial.

Free-flowing pourers aren’t without benefits either. They offer you the advantage to dispense the desired amount that you want. It can be sometimes annoying to go back and forth to your bar area for another ounce-shot when you simply want to stay and linger in your outside patio. To save you from doing frequent trips to and fro, the free-flowing pourers can give you a large quantity that you need. This same principle applies to your small parties at home. There may be guests of yours who simply prefer one hard drink on the rocks and they would want to get the desired amount that they need.

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