Tasting wine is an art that requires you to pay attention to your senses. Initially, you may find it a difficult task. However, with time and experience, you would learn to distinguish the flavors in a short time and savor the taste.

We offer you a step-to-step guidance that will help you to relish the wine tasting experience. If you require more guidance, get in touch with any established liquor delivery store.

1) Look- The first step will teach you to identify colors of the wine.

Ask a famous alcohol delivery Calgary store to deliver wine bottles at your home. Once you receive your order, pour the wine in a glass. Slightly move the glass away from you and check color of the wine.
Most red wines assume colors, such as maroon, brick, or even brown. If you are drinking white wine, it should possess colors, such as golden, pale yellow, or light green.

2) Smell- Sense of smell is important for evaluating quality of the wine. To acquire an in-depth understanding of aroma of the wine, swirl the glass for few seconds. This will vaporize alcohol content of the wine, releasing its natural aromas.

If you want to acquire quick impression of the wine, whiff it.
To acquire solid understanding of aromas of your favorite wine, move your nose down into the wine glass. You might smell of flowers, oak, or citrus. Remember that wine’s aroma is the best indicator of its quality and special features.
Now, swirl the glass again and smell. This will mix up the aromas and provide you with a unique taste!

3) Taste- The next step is to taste the wine. Take a small sip and savor the taste. Ideally, one should taste wine in three different stages.

 Attack phase- Attack phase refers to the first impression that the wine creates on your palette. Four factors determine this initial impression. These include acidity, alcohol content, tannin, and residual sugar.

In ideal cases, these four factors work with each other to determine the complexity, sweetness or lightness of the wine. Consider the fact that these four factors do not create a particular flavor, such as spicy or fruit.

 Evolution Phase- This phase encourages you to distinguish the varied flavors of wine. For example, if you drink red wine, you can smell fruity or spicy flavors. In case of white wines, you can enjoy the smell of earthy or flowery flavors.

 Finish Phase- This is the final stage. The wine’s finish refers to its after effect. To understand the wine’s finish, ask yourself the following questions.

Did the taste last for few or several seconds?
Was it light-bodied, full-bodied or medium-bodied?
What flavor did you taste last-butter, oak or fruit?

Answering these questions will help you to understand the wine’s finish.

After you have completed these stages, noting down your experience can be a great idea. This will help

you to select the right wine next time you call up Calgary dial a bottle.

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