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Toast 2011 with Dalmore Eos Single Malt Whiskey? Sure, Why Not?

When it comes to settling down after a long day at the office, nothing beats coming home, pouring a nice glass of Johnny Walker Black Label and kicking my feet up to relax.

Certainly some have the same idea as me, but if you’re a frequent reader of this website, then I’m sure you want to do it a bit more lavishly. If you can afford some of the top whiskeys in the world, then you won’t mind spending five figures on the newest from The Dalmore Distillery.

The new whiskey — entitled Eos — is a single malted whiskey aged 59 years. Eos serves as the sister whiskey to Selene, Dalmore’s 1951 vintage whiskey.

On June 7, 1951, Dalmore filled casks #1751 and #1752 and left them to mature. They’re being released now in 20 mouth blown decanters made with Portugese crystal. That decanter is then hand cut and lined with silver highlights. The finishing touch involves encasing the crystal in a solid steel box inlaid with dark timber.

Pour the whiskey out of the bottle, and your senses perk up like a cat’s ears when they hear something interesting. Honeyed pear and pineapple are the initial smells, but there is a hint of dark chocolate and roasted coffee as well.

Your taste buds will appreciate the treat of a good whiskey from The Dalmore as flavors include toffee, caramel, orange, golden syrup and cinnamon. Of course, the aftertaste is as smooth as drinking the finest pure water. You won’t feel the need to use the “bitter taste face” when you enjoy Eos, so drink up (within reason of course).

Information about Eos can be attained by emailing eos@thedalmore.com or by giving David Robertson a call at +44 (0) 7736168237. Be prepared to spend about five figures for one of the smoothest whiskeys to be released in a long while.

Money well spent if you ask me.

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ABC of Cherry Brandy

Brandy is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages available and is produced by distilling wine. Derived from the Dutch brandewign – which means burnt wine, brandy generally contains 35 – 60% alcohol by volume and is usually taken as an after dinner drink. Brandies are aged in wooden casks, while some are simply coloured with caramel to imitate the effect of aging. Brandy can be produced from fermented fruits other than grapes, and these products are typically named eaux-de-vie. Fruit brandies are distilled from fruits other than grapes such as apples, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, elderberries, raspberries and blackberries. Fruit brandy usually contains 40-45% alcohol by volume and is customarily drunk chilled or over ice.

Cherry brandy is one of the many types of fruit brandy and is a red, full bodied, sweet cherry flavoured liqueur made from the juice of dark red cherries. Cherry brandy is made by fermenting crushed cherries, along with the stone, in the usual way that normal grape brandy is produced. The distillate forms a brandy which is highly esteemed for its odour and flavour. Cherry brandy has a distinct flavour, due to the bitter principle extracted from the seed during fermentation. The seed of a cherry contains a particular bitter flavouring material, better known as amygdalin, which provides this bitter flavour. This bitter taste is delightful, and characteristic of the product. Cherry brandy can be aged and cared for just as other brandies are, and can be kept for as long as four years in wood before consumption.

Cherry brandy is produced in countries such as Switzerland, Eastern France and Southern Germany. Products that are sold without aging, appear as a water white product. Cherry brandy is used for its medicinal qualities with usually not more than a tablespoonful of it consumed at any one time. It is usually drunk neat and is traditionally served cold in a very small glass. In some countries it is taken as an aperitif, whereas in others, it is used as a digestive, usually served after dinner. It can also be used in food and is used in traditional German Black Forest cake, Swiss fondue and also in the filling of chocolates. Cherry brandy can also be used in cocktails such as Café Au Kirsch and Cherries from Heaven.

There are several brands of cherry brandy – the most popular include Bols, De Kuyper, Kirschwasser and Seagram’s. De Kuyper cherry brandy is made using dark ripe cherries, which are macerated in pure neutral spirit, and then enhanced with spices such as cinnamon and cloves before being blended with fine brandy.

For a wide range of cherry brandy, visit Drink Finder. This site offers the best deals on brandy, single malt whisky and other alcoholic beverages.

Choosing the Best Psychic in Toronto

In life we all come to a stage where we need more than just a bowl of ice cream or a peg of whisky to overcome the ongoing stress. They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade out of them. But the saying is mostly based on how you must inculcate an optimistic overlook towards life. Not every time does this work and in instances such as these we try and find answers that are extraordinary. We seek help in individuals that are gifted with magical abilities and these individuals are ones who have deeper insights on occurrences in life that seem to haunt the past or may evolve in the future. Psychics are no different than us, everyone seems to have psychic abilities in a small way, and it is only those who choose to hear or see things that are rooted deep into a person’s past, present or future by means of depressing the normal feelings and emotions in them and encouraging the fore thoughts and sights to become prominent in their daily living, eventually become psychics.

The intensity of a particular psychic ability varies between individuals who claim to have this ability. Normally, they are genuine and work towards harnessing this ultra-magical potential of theirs into helping people in need. If you are in Toronto or any other city as a matter of fact, you are bound to come across a couple of psychics who might be the sole key to your problems. However, how would you know whom to choose the very first time since it is not a matter that is to be played around with? Well there is no guaranteed process to get in touch with just the right psychic for you at the very first go. These are things that cannot be predicted either because if you did then why would you need a psychic in the first place? So here are some handy tips that may guide you to some extent in choosing the right psychic and you would be better off knowing these rather than being completely blank about the topic.

• First of all, you need to know the different kind of categories that persist in psychics for e.g. you have the tarot card reader, clairvoyant, astrologer, clairaudient and so on. A little research on your part would help you a long way in choosing the best psychic in Toronto for you.

• Referrals in the form of word of mouth or from someone you know closely well about a certain psychic in Toronto is good enough for you to choose that particular psychic for your problems.

• If you do not know anyone who has been to psychic, then you would have to look for advertisements in local newspapers or search online (because everyone seems to have a website these days) and get their contact details jotted down in a paper. Checking for them online gives you an elucidative review of their personal profile and experience thus giving you a wider prospective of things in this criterion.

• Call a handful of them to interview them over the phone and analyze the way they communicate. Do not assume that a psychic who charges a fee might not be a genuine one and the one who doesn’t is. Psychics do help to improve your situation with their abilities but they also do have to earn their living, if that is the only mode of living for them. You rarely find financially independent psychics that do their readings for free.

• See if the psychic is able to accurately predict or is even close. If it is too far from true then you must not continue with them. You may have to go through a few of them to end up getting the right psychic in Toronto for you.

• Ask for their previous references and have a quick chat with these people and know to what extent they have benefitted with this.

• Don’t let a psychic pass out negative vibes or command you or try to suppress you by discouraging your thoughts, if any, by saying that you ought to believe them and not question them in return. A true psychic would never be this aggressive.

So, wishing you all the very best with your venture in finding the true meaning to your life and solving your persistent problems with an appropriate psychic in Toronto.

Psychic Spiritualist Jessica Ann is an accuracy tested and accuracy surveyed psychic in Toronto who has appeared on 2 radio shows and a couple of TV shows. She specializes in psychic reading, crystal ball, tarot cards, palm readings, cleansings & energy blocks, evil or bad influence removal, dream interpretations, house blessings, auras, paranormal activity and many more.

Understand the Processes, Ingredients, and Types of Whiskey Before Purchasing Liquor Online

There are two methods to spell it: whiskey, or whisky. Men and women who buy whiskey online possibly question the difference. Liquor authorities know whiskies distilled in Ireland and in the United States Of America as “whiskey.” They refer to those distilled in Japan, Scotland, Canada, Wales, and various international locations as “whisky.” There are many types and brands of this recognized drink. Discover which content label to pick and what type that appeals to you.

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic drink, which is a product of fermented grain mash. Whisky producers mash grain, wearing down the starch into fermentable and non-fermentable sugar. They use water steeping under manipulated temperature ranges to get this done. They often use oak drums to age the fluid for about three years.

Read the categorizations before you buy whiskey online. The content label will often tell you the main ingredient for making the drink. Here are the distinct classifications:
– “Single malt” means the brew used malted barley as its only ingredient. Malting requires soaking seeds in water to germinate them, then drying them with hot air to stop the germination process. The malted whole grains develop enzymes that modify starches into sugar.
– “Single grain” means the makers brewed the whiskey using a single grain that isn’t malted barley. Some may use unmalted barley, rye, maize, or wheat.
– “Blended malt” uses single malt too. The manufacturers, however, make use of quite a few distilleries to apply a few special whiskey flavors to make the rich and malty flavor.
– “Blended grain” uses more than one singular grain from quite a few distilleries.
– “Blended” means a blend of one or more singular malt and single grain.

People that pay for liquor online can find the most frequent brands are Scotch, Canadian, Irish, and American whiskey. Below are a few fundamental info regarding these well-known items:

Scotch is a name you can just use to mean whiskies brewed in Scotland. The more renowned brands consist of Glenfiddich, Talisker, Macallan, Port Ellen, The Glenlivet, and Singleton. There are many more alternatives once you buy whiskey online, nevertheless these labels ought to get you going.

American whiskey categories comprise rye, Tennessee, blended, corn, wheat, single malt, and bourbon. McCarthy’s, Buffalo Trace, and Stranahan’s are three recognized single malt and corn whiskey brands. Bourbon is a renowned American drink brewed in Bourbon, Kentucky, and incorporates desired brands as Jim Beam and Wild Turkey. Tennessee whiskey is directly bourbon from the state of Tennessee. A good example of this is Jack Daniels.

Irish whiskey offers three most widespread varieties: single malt, grain, and blended. The Irishman, Bailey’s, Wild Geese, Paddy, and O’Brien’s are quite a few brandnames of this favored Irish drink.

Nearly all Canadian whiskies feature multi-grain concoctions with corn spirits. Several think of Canadian whisky as rye since most of them used rye in past times. This is not the case these days, as many of them comprise blended varieties of grain. Popular product labels include Crown Royal and Canadian Club.

Now that you’ve got fundamental info in regard to whiskey and a sampling of the most favorite brand names, try a few before you choose a favourite. Get your liquor online to make sure you are getting the newest stocks along with the broadest selection of available brands and types.

Sarah Baxter is a wine enthusiast who likes to buy whiskey online and recommends buying liquor online.

Wine Tasting in Barossa

The Barossa valley is located in southern Australia, about 60 kilometers northeast of Adelaide. It is a major wine producing Barossa wine tours and a famous tourist destination. It is the valley formed by the North Para River.

The Wine Industry:

The wine industry is the main source of employment here. It is known for its red wine called Shiraz. The other varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling and Grenache. The Mediterranean climate and the cool ocean breeze aid the production of wine. There about 150 wineries and most of them are open to the public and offer a unique tasting experience.


There are many agencies and companies who offer a wide range value for money tours, which offer the visitors an insight into the stunning nature of this place. There are high quality coaches available that can cater to a group of any size.

Things to do:

There are a number of scenic drives along this region like the Barossa Scenic Heritage Drive, the Gawler’s Self Drive Tour, or the palm tree lined Seppeltsfield Road. Besides one can take the Butcher, Baker, Winemaker trail and enjoy the wineries. One can opt for the Barossa Trike Tours, which is a unique and private chauffeured tour for three persons in a motor cycle or trike. A knock at the Barossa Cellar Doors festival will give them a taste of the world’s best wine at Rockford, St Hallet, Charles Melton and Langmeil.

A visit to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop is a must as she offers tasting  of her full products and seasonal produce. Her shop is also a food haven where cooking demonstrations take place. An outdoor movie screening at Jacob Creeks Visitors Center is necessary especially in summer. Every two years The Barossa Valley Vintage Festival is held. Tourists from all over the world come here and there is entertainment like concerts, huge street parade and gourmet dining. So all one has to do is to land in Barossa and say cheers!

The Barossa valley is located in southern Australia, about 60 kilometers northeast of Adelaide. It is a major wine producing Barossa wine tours and a famous tourist destination. It is the valley formed by the North Para River.

The Wine Industry:

The wine industry is the main source of employment here. It is known for its red wine called Shiraz. The other varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling and Grenache. The Mediterranean climate and the cool ocean breeze aid the production of wine. There about 150 wineries and most of them are open to the public and offer a unique tasting experience.


There are many agencies and companies who offer a wide range value for money tours, which offer the visitors an insight into the stunning nature of this place. There are high quality coaches available that can cater to a group of any size.

Things to do:

There are a number of scenic drives along this region like the Barossa Scenic Heritage Drive, the Gawler’s Self Drive Tour, or the palm tree lined Seppeltsfield Road. Besides one can take the Butcher, Baker, Winemaker trail and enjoy the wineries. One can opt for the Barossa Trike Tours, which is a unique and private chauffeured tour for three persons in a motor cycle or trike. A knock at the Barossa Cellar Doors festival will give them a taste of the world’s best wine at Rockford, St Hallet, Charles Melton and Langmeil.

A visit to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop is a must as she offers tasting  of her full products and seasonal produce. Her shop is also a food haven where cooking demonstrations take place. An outdoor movie screening at Jacob Creeks Visitors Center is necessary especially in summer. Every two years The Barossa Valley Vintage Festival is held. Tourists from all over the world come here and there is entertainment like concerts, huge street parade and gourmet dining. So all one has to do is to land in Barossa and say cheers!

For more information on Barossa tours, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Barossa wine tours!

Healthy Drinking

In an increasingly health-conscious society, people have more and more information about choosing kinds of food and drink which will help them remain healthy. This kind of decision becomes all the more important when people are on the move, or at work, or away from shops or other sources of refreshment, mainly because there’s very little time to decide what you want, and what will do the trick from the relatively limited choice available.

This process becomes even more important when designing vending machines as these are often the very last resort we’ll choose when trying to find food or drink – not because they’re unhealthy, nor because they’re worse than what’s available in supermarkets or shops, but because scientific study shows that we associate vending machines with convenience primarily, quality second, choice third. In other words, when you haven’t time or you’re not in the right place to choose what you’d most like to eat or drink, this is when you go to the vending machine.

So to come back to the question of healthy choices, a number of vending machines – companies are now looking seriously at providing their potential customers with choices that reflect the informed desires of a health-conscious society. Hence while you’ll see just as many Coke machines out there, and just as many machines selling sweets, savoury snacks and other what might be termed ‘unhealthy’ foods and beverages, there are a lot more vending manufacturers conceiving health-conscious machines.

Some are offering products in a machine that sells a combination of healthy and ‘unhealthy’ products. Some are offering stand-alone machines that only vend products promoting a healthy alternative to traditional snacking and drinking. Some of these kinds of products will be low in fat, low in added sugar or salt and wherever possible will not contain E numbers.

Others are offering specific products designed to complement their existing ranges – so that when you come across a vending machine -which you would ordinarily expect to sell standard coffees and teas, you’ll be able to buy lemon tea, which can contain up to 50% of your daily vitamin C – handy for keeping swine flu at bay. Then there are cranberry juice drinks, which are refreshing and packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Similiarly, flavoured water with fewer than 10 calories per drink is also becoming a very popular choice among major vending manufacturers. And market leaders in water filtration are coming on board too, offering clean, clear filtered water as a built-in element in vending machines so that you don’t need to double up on drinks fountains. The next step is to make the new, healthy vending culture more energy efficient – the subject of future debate, no doubt…

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How robbery and rebellion make Whiskey in the Jar a classic Irish song

When a country is occupied by a foreign power as Ireland was for several hundred years then music is often used as a way of poking fun at the establishment.

This is a large part of the appeal of that hugely popular Irish song, Whiskey in the Jar, which has been recorded by folk and rock bands alike, including Metallica.

Whiskey in the Jar features love, robbery and betrayal, and is set to a rollicking, irresistible tune, so it’s not hard to see why it has become so popular, not only in Ireland but across the world – particularly in America.

Whiskey in the Jar tells the story of a highwayman who stalks the Cork and Kerry mountains in Ireland. He is bold enough, or reckless enough, to rob Captain Farrell, an officer in the British army. The British had occupied and controlled Ireland for centuries and were resented by many Irish people who staged numerous rebellions.

Anyone who dared to rob a British army officer would be very popular with the local people and be looked upon as a sort of Robin Hood character.

The highwayman counts out the money and then gives it for safe keeping to Jenny – his wife or maybe his lover. Jenny promises that she will never deceive him but she proves to be false.

When the highwayman goes to rest after his exploits, Jenny puts water into his gunpowder, rendering his pistol ineffective. She is setting him up to be captured.

The next morning as the highwayman ventures out again, he finds himself ambushed by Captain Farrell and his footmen.

He tries to shoot at them but his pistol won’t work because the powder is wet. He reaches for his sabre but the deceitful Jenny has already taken it from him.

Rendered defenceless, he is captured and taken prisoner.

While in jail, he curses his deceitful Jenny but doesn’t linger in despair for long. Soon he is looking to the future and considering whether his brother could come and help him.

He hopes that his brother will be able to help him escape from jail and return to the highwayman lifestyle.

Whiskey in the jar is one of the most widely recorded Irish folk songs and has even crossed over to appeal to rock audiences following recordings by Thin Lizzy and Metallica.

A sense of rebellion has always appealed to young rock fans and that may be part of the appeal of Whiskey in the Jar, in which the highwayman dares to challenge the establishment.

But there are also the universal themes of love and betrayal which have added to the appeal and helped to make Whiskey in the Jar a classic Irish folk song.

Michael Curran is a keen student of Irish folk music such as Whiskey in the jar. He writes for www.irishmusicforever.com and likes to perform Irish songs at his local folk club.

Dufftown, Moray – The Whiskey Capital of the World

Have you been looking for a place to go so that you can enjoy an excellent vacation? Of course you have and you are not alone. Many individuals come to us seeking out that perfect vacation and that is when we point them towards the wonderful town of Dufftown, which is located in Moray. Have you ever heard of this town? Originally, it was called Mortlach, but that was during the Middle Ages and lasted up until the nineteenth century. Earl of Fife constructed this town so that solders who were returning home from war would have a housing. At this point, Earl of Fife called this town Dufftown. You see, there is a lot of interesting facts about this town. Please join us as well tell you some more interesting things about Dufftown.

Every July, many tourists are attracted to this town as they host a highland games event during this month. So, if you are interested in what the highland games event has to offer, then you may want to plan your vacation to be during the month of July.

As you are traveling through Dufftown you are going to come across a lot of notable buildings. One of those notable buildings is Balbenie Castle, which part of it has been constructed out of stones that came from the ruins of Auchindoun Castle, which is nearby. As for the street plan of Dufftown, you will find fourmain roads which meet towards the clock tower. Previously, the tourist information centre in this area was a prison.

On the way into this town, you are going to come across a sign post that says “Whiskey Capital of the World.” This sign is definitely not lying as this is what the town is considered as. In fact, there are many distilleries which can be found throughout this area.

Check here for a wide selection of Dufftown hotels.

Whiskey Cakes Giving A Signature Style To Custom Hosting

Cakes have always been the essential and common item in every house at the tea and coffee sessions. These are being used since centuries as anytime feeding to kids as well as to adults. The liking for different types of cake is as high even today as it used to be centuries ago. Seeing the versatile popularity of cakes, bakery trade introduces new flavors to keep up the charm of cakes. Whiskey Cakes are in common practice to give the signature style to hosting.

Whiskey Cakes too like other variety of cakes are available in variety of range. These are available in variety of tastes, colors, sizes, shapes and fragrances; so you can select the best as per personal liking. You would be having a nice bakery store nearby to requirements house but these can be had by placing order to online coffee cake stores. Generally these come in standard size but some stores facilitate for customization of ingredients and size. If you chose to make some changes in standard recipe and ingredients, do it with utmost care because even the slight misunderstanding may spoil the entire cake.

Placing order for the fresh Whiskey Cakes is the best way to charge up the parties with finger licking taste and stylish servings but if the budget is the limitation, you can prepare these cakes at home also. The whole process is not much complicated. Even the first timer can bake quality cake at home within hours time. Plenty of online sources share Whiskey Cakes making recipes; however, you must be careful to judge the ultimate taste and physical appearance. Here I would like to share the recipe for Honey Whisky Cake. This can be served anytime round the year. Are you ready to try your hands for making delicious and health friendly Whiskey Cakes?

To make this you will need 3 Eggs – beaten, 6 oz. Self Raise Flour, 6 oz. Brown soft Sugar, 6 oz. Butter and 4 Tablespoon Whisky besides grated rind of one small orange, Butter Icing, 2 Tablespoons clear Honey, 6 oz. icing sugar and Juice from a small orange. Now start making your cake. Pre-heat the oven upto 375 degrees. Grease over 2 – 6 inches tins. Mix Cream, sugar, orange rind and butter. Beat the eggs but one at a time. Mix the paste until it becomes pale fluffy. Put ½ the flour in and add whisky and now put in the remaining flour. Divide the mixture in 2 pans and smooth the top. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until you see light golden brown color. Let it be cool before icing. Invite the friends to taste homemade delicious Whiskey Cake.

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Budapest Food And Drink

Recent years have seen an expansion in the range of cuisines on offer but traditional Magyar cooking still dominates Budapest menus.

In common with most Central European countries, meat dishes in Hungary are the staple, portions are generous and desserts rich. Prices are, on the whole, extremely reasonable even in the best of Budapest’s many restaurants.

Hungarians are especially passionate about their soups, desserts and pastries and stuffed pancakes (palacsinta), with fierce rivalries between regional variations of the same dish, (like the Hungarian hot fish soup called Fisherman’s Soup or halaszle, cooked differently on the banks of Hungary’s two main rivers: the Danube and the tisza). Other famous Hungarian dishes would be Paprikash (stew) with nokedli (small dumplings), Goulash, Gundel Pancake and Dobos Cake. two remarkable elements of Hungarian cuisine that are hardly noticed by locals, but usually conjure up much enthusiasm amongst foreigners, are different forms of vegetable stews called fzelek as well as cold fruit soups, like cold sour cherry soup (hideg meggyleves).

Meat stews, casseroles, steaks, roasted pork, beef, poultry, lamb or game and the Hungarian sausages (kolbasz) and winter salami are a major part of Hungarian cuisine. the mixing of different varieties of meat is a traditionall feature of the Hungarian cuisine. Goulash, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbages or pecsenye (Hungarian mixed grill on wooden platter) can combine both beef and pork, sometimes even mutton. In very exclusive dishes fruits like plums and apricots are cooked with meat or in piquant sauces/stuffings for game, roasts and other cuts. Various kinds of noodles and dumplings, potatoes and rice are commonly served as a side dish. the Hungarian cuisine uses a large variety of cheeses, but the most common are túro (a fresh quark cheese), cream cheeses, ewe-chese (juhturo), Emmentaler, Edam and the Hungarian cheese trappista.

Budapest has a healthy cafe culture, ranging from the warming camaraderie of the beer hall, to the elegance of a grand cafe. there are several international bars of American and Australian origin but many new stylish bars are popping up on the roads leading off Andrassy street and along the fashionable Raday street.

Cafe Gerbeaud:
Vorosmarty ter 7
tel: +36 (06)1-429-9000
this legendary Budapest cafe has been the last word on timeless style and elegance for the last 140 years. the sumptuous interior is finished with noble woods, marble and bronze, while the furnishings are original Art Deco. Superb pastries, coffees and light meals.

Leroy Cafe and Bar:
Raday Utca 11-13
tel: +36 (06)30-207-9220
Leroy cafe is part of a small chain of cafe cum bars in the city. You will also find branches on Vaci Utca and Sas utca. 11. the cafes are stylishly decorated with wooden floors and brightly painted walls and lots of funky artwork on show. the menu is Mediterranean and the drinks menu lengthy.

Amstel River Cafe:
Parizsi ut 6
tel: +36 (06)1-266-4334.
A favourite with just about everyone, the centrally located Amstel is a fantastic bar, open until late and always full of a lively mix of tourists, locals and expats. Open: Mon-Sat 08h00-06h00, Sun 10h00-06h00.

Andrassy ut 29
tel: +36 (06)1-352-1337
A reminder of Budapest’s former status as Europe’s coffeehouse capital, Muvesz is located next to the Opera House and retains its original interior.

Mandarin Bar and Etterem:
o utca 24
tel: +36 (06)1-688-1696
Bright, modern cafe bar with a Mediterranean inspired menu. Relax on one of the brightly coloured sofas and sample the excellent cocktail list.

White Heaven:
Szent Istvan ter 4-5
tel: +36 (06)30-963-1963
Hip bar overlooking St Stephens Basilica. As the name suggests its interior has a white theme running through it with white walls, stalls and ornaments, you get the idea, but that doesn’t mean it lacks atmosphere, this place attracts a young vibrant crowd, and offers a delicious sushi menu.

Suzain Allen is a travel Consultant and she has years of experience in travel industry. She in now introducing her views about Budapest food and drink.

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Wine Tasting Tips

Read up on some great tips for the next time you plan an exciting wine tasting adventure.

1. Be open to new wines.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  If you don’t know what to try, ask for suggestions from the staff.  If the opportunity presents itself, compare any wines that have been aged in steel to those that have been aged in oak.

2. If you’re planning out a whole day of wine tasting, be sure to keep note of the types of wines and flavors you enjoy most. 

3. Consider doing your wine tasting tour during the off season.  Usually the off season is between November and May.  Visiting during the off season means you might only one of a few guests all day, which means you’ll receive more attention from the staff.

4. Never be afraid to ask questions. Staff members have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the wines you taste.  Winery staff enjoy being engaged and passing on their knowledge.

5. Eat crackers between tastings if they are being offered.  They are a great way to cleanse your palate and to help absorb any remnants of alcohol.

6. Explore some of the other wineries that are found off the beaten path.

7. Avoid wearing to much perfume or aftershave.  Smelling and enjoying the aroma of wine is part of the fun.

8. If you have a large party, call the wineries ahead of time.  Some wineries will even arrange cheese and fruit trays.

9. If you’re visiting during peak seasons keep in mind that it might take a minute or two for the staff to serve you.

10. A good way to identify a wine of better quality is by swirling it around the glass.  If the legs or tears stick or take longer to trickle down the glass after you’ve stopped swirling, the better the wine is.

Plan your next Southern California winery tour by visiting beautiful Temecula wine country. Take the time to experience a Temecula wine tasting at a wonderful Temecula Winery like Ponte Winery. At Ponte Winery you’ll find a beautiful tasting room unlike any other for both you and your friends to enjoy a relaxing day filled with mouthwatering wine. As one of the finest Temecula wineries is proud to be a green winery.

Neurofen, Garlic, Whiskey, and Other Treatments for Tooth ache

Pain is a part of life. Some people express that you have to be grateful any time you experience pain simply because this implies you are alive. How can you be grateful in case your toothache is so horrible? In a technical sense, pain is the response of your nervous system from intense or damaging stimuli. Nerve endings called nociceptors are responsible for this distressing sensation. These send out pain signals to the brain through the spinal cord. Tissues surrounding the affected region generate prostaglandins, which are chemicals that heighten pain signals. They help make certain that the brain listens and responds accordingly.

Dental pain is among the most common discomforts folks go through. This usually results from toothache, abscess, and gum or jaw ache. Among these reasons, toothache is the most common. It can be due to oral cavities, fracture or crack, and exposed teeth root.

Finding a tooth relief is much more than necessary in the event you wind up encountering this terrible experience. Look into the tips below.

1. Take about 800 mg worth of Neurofen Forte or some other ibuprofen pills in your medicine drawer. This is a great amount to alleviate the anguish and help handle swelling. If you are allergic to these medicines or perhaps you have got various other medical ailments which can get worse when you take them, home made remedies can be practical.

2. See if you have whiskey in your house. Pour some in a glass and dip a cotton ball in it. Position the soaked cotton ball on the aching tooth and then leave it for a few minutes until the pain decreases. Garlic is another valuable toothache relief. Get a clove or two from the kitchen area and crush them. Extract the juice in a small container. Get yourself a piece of gauze and dip it inside the juice. Put it on the hurting tooth the same as what you did with the whiskey-soaked cotton ball. Bear in mind that you simply can’t keep it there for over five minutes since it could burn your skin layer and gums.

3. A heating pad is another simple method to ease the discomfort. When you’ve got one at your home, turn it on and apply it to the cheek near the area of the hurting tooth. Hold it there for a few minutes until the heat drives the discomfort away.

Bear in mind that homemade remedies such as these might only work for a short time. Once the discomfort continues, contact your dentist. Should you have this certain fear on dentists, perhaps it is time to start paying attention to correct dental hygiene.

Right brushing and cleaning of your teeth will save you from getting toothache relief from pain relievers, whiskey-soaked cotton balls, garlic, or heating pads. More importantly, it is a cleverer option if going to a dentist isn’t on the list of most fun things to do.

Hazel Bennett is a dental practitioner writing about neurofen and other toothache relief options.

Affluent Page Presents Winter Warmer

When London’s prestigious Luxury Whisky Show announced that they would unveil the last of the three bottles of the Dalmore Trinitas 64, luxury whisky lovers salivated at the thought of who would be the lucky one to taste the last bottle. When it was unveiled at the show, the remaining bottle had been sold for more than $ 160,000, making it the first bottle of whisky in the world to break the six-figure price point.

One of the three bottles of this outstanding malt was sold to a gentleman in the U.S., and another was sold to a U.K. entrepreneur. In fact, very few whiskies that have reached the age of 64 have ever been released. In recent years, rare whiskies have commanded as much as $ 54,000, as recorded in 2007, when the rare Macallan 1926, considered the most expensive whisky in the world, sold at an auction.

So what makes the Dalmore Trinitas 64 one of the most coveted and expensive whiskies in the world? Much of it comes simply from the nurturing process. The Dalmore Trinitas 64 was hand-crafted from spirits dating from 1868, 1878, 1926, and 1939, many of which had matured in the Dalmore Distillery. Located on the northern bank of the Firth of Cromarty, deep in the Scottish Highlands, north of Iverness, the Dalmore Distillery has produced exceptional single malt whiskies since 1839. The distillery is perfectly placed to take advantage of a bounty of natural resources, including the waters of Loch Morie and the rich coastal soils of the Black Isle.

Enter Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson, whose role it was to integrate this range of exclusive malts. According to Paterson: “The hand of time has been generous and rewarding with the malts I chose to use. They allowed me to create a taste sensation that will never be repeated again and will only ever be available to those that own these bottles. People recognize that you have to pay a premium for true exclusivity, craftsmanship, quality, and heritage.” To produce such a rare whisky requires the finest ingredients and wood available. The Dalmore Trinitas 64 spent its long maturation process in a variety of wood casks, including years spent in sherry oak and American white oak.

Once ready to decant, no details were spared in the presentation of the Dalmore Trinitas 64. Three beautifully sculpted decanterswere meticulously hand-crafted and mouth-blown using the finest crystal. The three Dalmore Trinitas themselves each came in a box crafted from solid English oak, encased in a rare Macassarebony veneer.

But it’s the tasting of the Dalmore Trinitas 64 where its rewards unfold, for only a lucky few are exposed to its delicious, sensationalarray of aromas. The scent swirls with sweet raisins, rich Colombian coffee, crushed walnuts, and bitter orange cast followed by a glorious fusion of grapefruit, sandalwood, white musk, and Indonesian patchouli. Once the spirit reaches the mouth and envelops the tongue, a wave of hidden flavors unfold including sweet sultanas, figs, and a caramelized topping of Seville oranges, apples, and mangos. Savoring that first swallow also has its rewards, as marzipan, treacle toffee, soft licorice, and roasted coffee linger long and smooth. Close your eyes and you’re likely to taste a hint of truffles, walnuts, and Muscovado sugar on your palate for an unforgettable finish.

So who is the lucky owner of the last bottle of Dalmore Trinitas 64, the rarest whisky in the world? Dalmore is keeping it under wrapsat the moment, but you can be sure that the owner is immersing himself in this special whisky’s flavorful delights.

The Affluent Page Magazine is a printed publication for ultra-wealthy men. You can get the updated information about whisky and Dalmore Trinitas at Affluent Page Magazine.

What Were Drinking

I just thought Id through together a little post about what have been our favorite wines (and grapes) as of late.

Alban Viognier
If Al has brought this white home ten times over the last month, that is an understatement. Although admittantly I am getting a little sick of seeing the bottle, Im never sick of the flavors. This Viognier is full bodied with flavors of lightly oaked peach. This wine is made in the Central Coast of California, which is up and coming for unique varietals on both the white and red side.
$ 29

Michel Ogier Cote Rotie
Both Al and I have been on a Rhone drinking spree lately (see his blog article about this wine here).What I like about Cote Rotie, and this wine in particular, is its ability to change over time. Not only years of storage but over the course of the night. The Ogier may be one wine when first opened restrained, big and tannic; develop into a second later into the night forward fruit with a spicy finish; and even a third the next day perfectly balance of white pepper, dark cherries and tannin on the finish. Not many wines can claim three personalities, but this one can.
$ 120, sale $ 78

Jacuzzi Barbera
Its been a busy season in Naples, which means a lot of pizza and grilled cheese nights for us. And even though we have the pick of the litter when it comes to wine, I dont always want to open up one of our premium selections for my slice of mushroom pizza (not the best wine pairing in the world). I have relied on this great value for those nights. Barbera is mainly know for the Italian wines from the northern Piedmont region that display high acidity and light fruit. A different style, Jacuzzi Vineyards is located in the Carneros area of California, a slightly warmer growing region that is displayed in the wine itself. Full fruit with lower acidity and flavors of raspberry and black cherry.
$ 15

For more details, Please visit our site : http://www.decantedwines.com

Domain Tasting

When it comes to registering a new domain name, you are able to test-drive it for up to five days.

During these five days, if you are unhappy with the domain name, you are able to request a refund from your registrar and they will place the domain name back into the public registry, where it will once again be available for registration.

This means that you can register a domain name at absolutely no risk to you – test it out – and if you find that it will be a difficult one to sell or promote, you can get your money back quickly and easily.

Knowing this, it can certainly open up the potential of registering a handful of domain names, evaluating their marketability and weeding out the ones that are not feasible while saving money in the process, rather than squatting on a ton of domains that you just can’t seem to move.

Tasting Domains should not be confused with domain kiting, which is the process of deleting a domain name during the 5-day grace period and instantly re-registering it for another five-day period.

This process is actually repeated any number of occasions with the end result of getting the domain authorized without ever really paying for it.

One word of caution however, is that Google has indicated that their Adsense program will consistently scour the databases for domain names that are repeatedly registered and then dropped, removing the domain names from the Adsense program if these domainers are generating an income through Adsense with the intention of requesting a refund every five days.

This means that you should use the ability to domain test wisely and legitimately.

These five days should be spent testing the waters, getting a feel for whether you believe the domain is a viable one and conducting market research to determine the profitability of the names that you select.

Accepting Payment For Domain Sales

When you sell your domain name, you will want to ensure that the transaction goes through successfully prior to handing over the domain name to your customer.

One easy way to manage domain sales, is by using an Escrow service, where a middleman works at managing the sale by accepting payment from your customer, and transferring it to you once they have verified that the domain name has been transfered over.

With Escrow, you will pay a fee for using their services and so it’s recommended that you only use it with larger domain sales. The most popular of these services, being Escrow.com

Paypal will suffice for smaller domain sales.

Frank Breinling is a recognized expert in selling domains with huge profits. Go for a FREE chapter of his ebook at http://getawebsite.info

Spice up your life with spiced rum!

Rum is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages and is made from sugarcane juice or by-products such as molasses. It is made by fermenting and distilling these products to produce a clear liquid which is then usually aged in oak barrels. Rum is produced all over the world; however majority of it is made in the Caribbean and Latin America. Rum is classified according to grades and location that it is produced.

Most rum is made from molasses – within the Caribbean, molasses are from Brazil. Yeast and water is added to the molasses to start fermentation. Dunder is the traditional yeast used to make rum in Jamaica, whilst faster working yeasts are used to make lighter rums such as Bacardi. There is no standard method used for the distillation process of rum – some producers work using pot stills, whilst others use column still distillation. Most countries require rum to be aged for at least one year and the aging process is commonly performed in bourbon casks, stainless steel tanks or other types of wooden casks. Aging determines the colour of the rum – rum aged in oak casts becomes dark, whereas rum aged in stainless steel tanks remains virtually colourless. After aging, rum is normally blended to ensure a consistent flavour and blending is the final step in the rum making process.

Generally, rum is termed as light rum – also referred to as white rum which has little flavour aside from a general sweetness; gold rum – also called amber rum which are medium bodied rums that are aged and gain their dark colour from aging in wooden barrels; dark rum – known as brown rum, black rum or red rum which is aged longer than gold rum in heavily charred barrels and has a much stronger flavour than light or gold rum; flavoured rum – rum which is infused with fruit flavours such as banana, mango, orange or lime; spiced rum – rum which has spices or caramel added to enhance its flavour. Spiced rums are dark in colour and are made by the addition of spices such as cinnamon, rosemary, aniseed or pepper to the normal fermentation of sugarcane juices or molasses.

Popular spiced rum brands include Admiral Nelson, Bacardi, Blackbeard’s, Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry and Sir Francis Drake. Examples of spiced rum in the market these days are Golden Falernum Spiced Rum Liqueur – The Bitter Truth which is rich and complex in flavour and tastes of fresh lime zest, almonds and ginger enriched with vanilla and clove; Bristol Black Spiced Rum which is a classic dark rum with a lovely mixture of spices; Pink Pigeon Vanilla Spiced Rum which is a light, elegant rum distilled in Mauritius and Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum which is a light golden organic rum distilled from sugar cane and flavoured with vanilla, ginger and a hint of chilli.

Spice up your life with spiced rum! Visit Drink Finder for a comprehensive selection of spiced rum, malt whisky and other alcoholic beverages at incredible prices.

Temecula Wine Tasting

What type of wine goes well with a big, red juicy steak? We all know that red wine is usually considered the best candidate. In looking to choose the best red for your next meal, visiting a wine tasting will certainly help you narrow down your choices. In the city of Temecula, California, Californians and cross-country vacationers practice “taste-budding” different sorts of wine. In particular, Temecula is truly renowned for its antique stores, jazz festivals, and of course its wine festivals and tastings.

Old Town Temecula exhibits its wine tasting locally through its popular Temecula Valley vineyard. Built it 1968, winemakers Vincenzo and Audry Cilurzo decided to convert their establishment into a modern commercial vineyard dedicated to wine exporting and farming. Although it has gained recognition over the past fifty years, a minimum of twenty-five different vineyards have opened ever since its popular inception in 1968. Currently, it holds second place after the much higher production competitor from Napa Valley AVA in Northern California and the Santa Ynez Valley AVA (which was made famous in the Academy Award Winning movie Sideways).

Recently in 2007, 18 of Temecula’s 58 wines were selected to represent South California. Wine enthusiasts and wine spectators judged the five major categories of wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon and other blends of the aforementioned line-up. With these in mind, you can confidently say that Temecula is best known for its wineries because they really are everywhere. In fact, there is a very excellent opportunity for you to visit several other cities in Temecula for a more distinctive feeling of wine tasting. You can expect the details of this in another report focusing on the different locations where wine tasting is also a spectacular way of spending a lovely weekend and getting to know the locals who shop, golf, and drink there.

Since I have already implanted an idea for you in case you haven’t already checked them out yourself; some upcoming festivals are right around the corner-and they usually do involve wine tasting as well. In April and May, Cougar Winery and Miramonte Winery are hosting wine tasting events every single day in preparations for the Temecula Wine and Music Festival. The events are always accompanied by wine enthusiasts and speakers of all different states supporting the Temeculan tradition. One of California’s largest wine and music festival brings in more than fifteen different artists from Pop, Jazz, and R & B genres. Participating Temecula Wineries are Callaway, Francis Coppola, La Cereza, Stuart Cellars, Maurice Carrie, WC, Keyways, Yellow Tail, Wiens Family Cellars, The Briar Rose Winery, and the Temecula Valley and Resort. So set up your calendar and make sure you get yourself decked out in comfortable clothes and put on your wine tasting cap and relax in a soothing atmosphere where wine meets man at one of the most popular wine regions in the county, Temecula, California.

Head Over to Temecula Wine Tours to Discover the Secrets of Temecula Wineries.

How To Drink Energy Drinks

In recent years, there are more and more energy drinks sprung up in the supermarket. They all boast that they can supply energy to make people refreshed. Maybe all of us have the experience of drinking them, but do you know what exactly they are and how to drink them in a right way?

Energy drink means drink that can adjust proportion of ingredient and content in natural nutrients to regulating human functions at a certain extent to meet special nutrition needs of certain and special people. According to some related materials, energy drinks can be classified into fortified drinks, sports drinks and special purpose drinks. Fortified drinks are those contain nutritional components that are needed in our daily activities; sports drinks are those contain electrolytes, minerals and carbohydrate to reduce the possibility of dehydration and balance our body fluid; special purpose drinks have the functions of antifatigue and recharge effects.

In face, most of the energy drinks contain central nervous system stimulants, such as caffeine, taurine, lysine, etc., which can help one keep awake, fight fatigue or relieve pressure. But overdrinking or drink in wrong ways may influence your health. For example, those can help keep awake or fight fatigue are not proper for drinking before sleep; those contain central nervous system stimulants are not good for children; and those proper for people after intense sport or large quantity sweats are not good for heart disease and hypertensive patients, because the natrium may increase heart burden or blood pressure.

Years ago, a popular energy drink was banned in France after the death of eighteen-year-old Irish athlete, who died as a result of playing a basketball game after consuming four cans of the drink. The French Scientific Committee (J.D. Birkel) concluded that the drink has excessive amounts of caffeine. Health experts also said that caffeine suspends the effects of alcohol, allowing people to continue drinking long after they normally would have stopped.

However, as energy supplements, those drinks really can help us when we need to keep active or feel tired after acuteness exercise. When choosing them, wed better choose those natural supplements, and have them according to our body needs. As long as we drink them in a right way, they will help us a lot.

In recent years, there are more and more energy drinks sprung up in the supermarket.
However, as energy supplements, those drinks really can help us when we need to keep active or feel tired after acuteness exercise.
When choosing them, wed better choose those natural supplements, and have them according to our body needs.

Drinking Green Drink Mixes

Although Green Drink mixes have had a small group of fans up until this point do to their bad taste, there are now Green Drink mixes available with great flavors that are also plentiful in nutrients. Green Drink mixes have recently become very popular because of the large part of the vitamins and minerals that they provide with ease and convenience. Even a person who is extremely devoted to getting the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables can find it hard some days. According to the National Cancer Institute, 87% of US families don’t get the daily fruits and vegetables needed to stay healthy.

As far as fiber is concerned, most Americans only eat 15 grams of fiber per day, which is less than half of the 35 grams that health and nutrition experts recommended in order to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In one single serving, most green drink mixes contain 6 grams of fiber. The best green drink mixes are made up of inulin and oligofructose (OF), which are two soluble fibers that come from chicory root and are packed with nutritional goodness. While in the body, this type of fibers increase the numbers of friendly bacteria by providing the necessary nutrients needed so the friendly bacteria can multiply. Fiber also rids the intestinal walls of unwanted waste and toxins. Both inulin and oligofructose improve the digestibility of calcium and can increasing bone production and slow the rate of bone breakdown.

Although we cannot fully digest grasses because we can’t digest the compounds, that grasses and other plants use to maintain their structure (fibers), green drink mixes contain grasses because they are extremely rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants hunt free radicals. Damage from these free radicals is the number one cause of aging and also may lead to heart disease and cancer. Green drink mixes that contain barley grass provide about 2 servings of green vegetables just from the single ingredient. Barley grass, a nutrient-dense substance, contains many antioxidants that help fight caner and boost the immunity. For example, radish sprouts, which contain vitamins A and C, folate, calcium, and potassium, have superior antioxidant action and are a common ingredient in green drink mixes.

Chlorophyll for example, triggers biochemical reactions in nearly all living organisms and is also important along with the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber found in a good green drink mix product. The chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium, which is vital for muscle contraction, the conduction of nerves, and maintaining heart and blood pressure. Because nearly 70-80% of American adults don’t get an adequate amount of green vegetables, they also aren’t getting enough magnesium in their diet. Most green drink mix products also contain wheat grass, which is full of valuable nutrients such as beta-carotene, riboflavin, folic acid, tyrosine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid. A good green drink mix product should also contain vegetables, leafy greens, and other nutrients, such as blue green algae.

Even though Green Drinks are valuable to everyone, people with leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis benefit the most from green drink mixes in their daily diet. Because the vitamins and minerals in green drink mixes can be easily metabolized, people with leaky gut syndrome are able to get their needed vitamins and minerals back into their system in a soothing, natural way. High quality green drink mixes also contain vegetables rich in carotenoids, which show great results for immunomodulating effects in people with autoimmune disease. Green drink mixes contain many whole foods such as cabbage, inulin, oligofructose, radish, tomato, and kelp, which feed the body and help fight cancer. Green tea, broccoli, cabbage and carrots, which are found in a high quality powdered green drink mix, have great cardio protective effects. The broccoli and cabbage combination is able to reduce LDL cholesterol by 8.5% after only 9 weeks of use. Beta-carotene, which is found in carrots, also decreases cholesterol levels in the liver by up to 44%. Diets rich in vegetables, which contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium, helps to keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. When choosing a green drink mix product, make sure that it is one that has a good amount of fiber to help the bone-building minerals be absorbed into the system.

Along with the antioxidants found in barley grass and radish sprouts, there are many nutrients that are found in green drink mixes that provide significant health benefits. For instance, lycopene, which is a plant-based antioxidant compound that may protect against cancer and heart disease, is also more powerful than beta-carotene, the best-known carotenoid. With more than 70 studies examining the link between lycopene and cancer, strong evidence suggests that lycopene can protect against prostate, lung, and stomach cancers, and perhaps cancers of the cervix, colon, rectum, esophagus, mouth, and pancreas. Lycopene may also fight heart disease and prevent congestive heart failure.

Because green drink mixes contain alkalinizing foods, they can help balance out the increased intake of processed foods, which has led to an imbalance of acid in the body’s system. For instance, although lemons and grapefruits are considered acidic, their action in the body actually makes them an alkalinizing food. These alkalinizing foods also support bone health because they contain potassium and magnesium, which are two minerals that are very sparse in the body because they are depleted after ingesting a large amount of acid-producing food. In fact, potassium and magnesium from whole foods can improve bone mineral density for many older individuals.

Although some green drink mixes taste worse than plain old vegetables, there are high quality green drink mixes with a natural, fruit, or mint flavors. These added flavors can turn the most ardent veggie avoider into an instant fan. Plus the benefits of drinking green drink mixes are the almost instant intake of chlorophyll, magnesium, antioxidants, plant enzymes, and fiber. When the person taking the Green Drink mix realizes that they are combing good taste with an instant intake of the above nutrients, the value and convenience of the green drink mix becomes extremely obvious.  These green drink mixes can provide a great-tasting, ultra-pure, whole-food way to get the essential nutrients that most Americans are lacking. In turn, these nutrients can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, while enhancing energy, supporting digestion, and boosting your immune system. Green drink mixes and other great supplements can be found at your local health food store or internet Health food store.

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Sake Tasting


Sake tasting is not only a profession for many, but it is a hobby too. Some of the best sake tasters are able to have this as their home based business! There are different kinds of sake that are available and the sake taster should be ready to taste all these kinds and differentiate the taste. The memory of the sake taster is also important as the taste has to be remembered and differentiated.

Sake tasting can be a satisfying hobby, if you like sake a lot. This hobby is fun filled, but at the same time has a lot of activity involved in it. In fact, the sake taster needs to be alert to identify any change in the taste or other parameters in the sake.

History of Sake

The sake and the preparation process have undergone a sea change over the years. Now sake is being made all over the world. As this has become the norm, the taste of sake has also changed. The quality of sake, the taste and other factors change from one place to another.

Sake tasters who have knowledge of the history of sake will do a better job in sake tasting as they will learn to appreciate the difference in the taste and the materials from which the sake is made. This will help them to do better in their activity as sake tasters. Sake glass, sake decanter and sake sets are some of the other things that are used by a sake taster.

Any person can become a sake taster. All that is required of the person is the interest in the work that is to be done. As you start tasting various kinds of sake, you will be able to differentiate them. You will be able to become an expert sake taster in no time at all. Sake can help to provide good health too. Read more from other informative articles about how sake tasting can be a home based opportunity.


Dave is a home based opportunity seeker. An expert article writer too.

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